What situations should I sell my house for Cash to ASAP OFFER?
House needs too many repairs
  • Inherited dont want to fix up or list with Realtor
  • Divorce
  • In Foreclosure
  • Bad Tenants in my Rental Home
  • Need Quick Cash
  • Tax Problems
How quickly do you close and is it Cash Offers?
Every house is different, we can usually close in 10 days if the Title is clear and no issues, but if there are issues we will work through them and get you your Cash.
How do I get paid and do we have to close in Title Company?
All transactions are done in a title company to protect us as buyers and you as the Seller, the title company distributes the funds to you once  we close.
 Do I have to fix anything in my house before Closing?
No we buy AS IS.
Will you let me stay in the house a few days after closing?
In most instances, yes, but each individual sale is treated differently.
Can I take my Belongings when I sell?
 Yes, the homeowner retains everything in the house, and must be gone at closing.l

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