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ASAPOFFER was founded in 2012 in the great state of Texas.

The Owners of ASAPOFFER has been in the business of Buying Houses for over 12 years and have stayed in Business by being fair to their customers.

It is his leadership, dedication and passion that has made ASAPOFFER one of the most successful house buying companies in the Houston Area.

The vision of the company is to provide a viable option for home owners to get a Fair Fast Cash offer for their home, we buy houses no matter what the condition and the there is No Obligation for the homeowner to sell after our evaluation of the property.

We make things easier for home owners looking for a sale of their houses and in good time too.

You Are Our Number One Customer!

ASAPOFFER is  your Real Estate Investment Company, when coming to us, we give you options to sell, and try to make the right option the best for your needs.


How do we determine the the Price We Pay?

We come out to your home and evaluate the repairs that need to be done, go over the process how we do this, sit down and see what is the best option for you.  Our Cash Offers are very competitive in the current Market. 

Whatever the value of your home is and in whatever state or condition it is in, that is what we will pay for and once again just to reiterate – we pay you in cash!

Your Financial Burden Is Our Concern

Our experienced real estate professionals understand that it is never easy for anyone to want to sell their home.

The memories, emotional and psychological attachments to their homes can be even more difficult for home owners to let go of.

That is why we treat each sale with the utmost respect it deserves, we respect your privacy and confidentiality, most of all we respect your reasons for wanting to sell your home.

Above all we expedite the purchase of your home speedily and without cumbersome paperwork that can only make the sale even more physically tasking.

We know that one of your reasons for selling your home is financial, so we try as much as possible to provide you with your payment ASAP!

Taking care of your financial burden is a priority for us and it is our hope that all payments made out for homes purchased can be thoroughly beneficial to sellers.

Sell Your Home Fast in Texas?

Hard times on cash got you strapped? Are you in a financial situation?  Could selling your home quickly and smoothly help you out? sell your house in a very quick period of time? Alot of homeowners get stuck from time to time, but today you have a choice, give us a call we specialize in a smooth process, and your home will get sold quickly. Those reasons could be  a recent job loss,  a divorce,  unforeseen financial expenses,  or home expenses it up just gotten out of control.  If you need to sell your home quickly in Texas and we can help you.

We Pay Cash!

ASAPOFFER believes in 100% cash payments on the transfer of the deeds of ownership.

We do not defer payments nor do we pay on instalments.

What you get for your home is full cash payment, that is what we assure you and guarantee always.

Tough Situation we can help!

Here at ASAPOFFER.com we understand what it’s like to list a house you think your home will be sold over night and it just doesn’t happen that way, well with our process we move fast and your in good hands, We have spoken to many hundreds of homeowners throughout the country,  that really wanted to sell their house on the open market,  but for one reason or another,  your house just sat on the MLS for a very long time with no results, time wasted.   We are interested in your home,  and more importantly,  we’re serious home buyers in Texas,  and we want to make you an offer on your property so that you can get the house sold,  and finally move on with your life contact us today!

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